Despite having become a greatly popular topic in recent years, the WOOF meaning often falls into controversy since there are still a lot of people who don’t fully understand what WWOOFing implies and what the main advantages and demands are when you become a WWOOF volunteer.

WOOF Definition – Not Just a Cheap Vacation, As Many See It

Even though WWOOFing is volunteer work, the actual WOOF meaning (or at least one of them) is “Willing Workers on Organic Farms”. This paints a clear picture of what will be expected of you despite all the perks that come with the job: WWOOFing is basically a type of volunteer work organized by special WOOF organizations in which volunteers (WWOOFers) work and learn on a “host’s” farm in exchange for free food and accommodation – the hosts being the ones hiring the work force.

There are certain misconceptions about the idea of WOOF – meaning that not everyone is always clear on the requirements necessary to get a WWOOFer membership. The first thing you need to know is that unless you are ready to do a few hours of physical work every day and learn about various organic farming methods, this job is not for you.

WWOOFers & Hosts

These days, the organizations that WWOOFers and hosts belong to act more like organizers rather than full facilitators. Their goal is to provide membership cards and information for both hosts and volunteers, while allowing them the freedom of contacting the hosts provided in a host list.
The excitement often runs high on most farms, as many recent changes have proved to be very beneficial. Today, hosts and volunteers agree on their terms from the start, and hosts have the option of choosing WWOOFers who are willing to stay for a longer period of time.
The WOOF meaning and details regarding the requirements that both hosts and WWOOFers need to fulfill have made the industry prosper even more than before. If you want to know more about how to become a WWOOFer, see this page. Also, if you are interested in becoming a WWOOF host, follow this link for 7 meaningful steps on how to adopt the best approach.

The Potential of WWOOFing

Those who think that WWOOFing is just about riding a tractor or planting regular crops should open their minds to a lot more than what they heard about regular farming. The possibility of volunteering in different countries brings about a far larger horizon: you can end up building irrigation systems in Africa, make cheese in the Alps or work on harvesting olives in places like Portugal.
There is really no limit to the type of work you can apply for depending on the country and region you select. Check out this link if you are genuinely interested in knowing how to become a WWOOF volunteer.
The type of work may be different in the case of each host, and the underlying WOOF meaning may differ in each case, but one thing that will never change is the fascinating discovery and learning opportunities you will be faced with that will enrich your life considerably.