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How to choose the best host ?

Apart from being a great method for cheap travel to various countries, wooffing also represents an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in learning all there is to know about organic farms. The question on many potential volunteers’ lips, however, is: what are the best destinations and why should you choose one woofing experience over another?

What Are Your Best Choices for Wooffing Destinations?

  • Australia: When it comes to woofing Australia is one of the best providers of volunteer work in the world. 25% of the hosts are commercial producers and many of them are permaculture enthusiasts, while about 1/5 of the farmers deal with bio-dynamic methods. There is a large variety of work to be done here, and the average hours are between 4 and 6 per day.
  • Europe: Several countries in Europe have excellent woof hosts. In terms of woofing France offers the best choice when it comes to biologic agriculture and healthy, alternative lifestyles. When you think of biodynamic farms and woofing Italy is also a great choice, many of the hosts being commercial producers as well. At the same time, if you are looking for pig farms, sheep flocks, organic fruit farms and a variety of other things related to woofing Ireland is definitely a great destination, as well. Finally, if you want to gain access to highly organized European woofing Spain is definitely your best bet.
  • North America: Last but not least, North America’s contributions to the organic farming world are WOOF USA and WWOOF Canada – two highly praised organizations that offer detailed guidelines, support, products and information to worldwide WWOOFers interested in traveling to and working in North America. Dozens of great farms and friendly hosts are waiting for friendly volunteers who are willing to learn all about organic farming and work under some of the most diverse circumstances.

How to Select a Host

Selecting a wooffing host is not an easy task, especially if you want to be a WOOFer in a foreign country. Depending on your knowledge about organic farming, your experience in the field – especially working with previous hosts – and your ability to grasp new training methods, some hosts may or may not accept your request. Your best bet under these circumstances is to study your list carefully and make your decision based on what you already know and how much you are willing to learn in the long run.
Nevertheless, whether you want to work in France, Australia, Canada or Italy, selecting a wooffing host that you can easily work with will bring you great advantages both in terms of cultural exchange and expanding your knowledge on organic farms.