For those who are interested in traveling, working on a large variety of organic farms and getting an overall complete experience with WOOFing, WOOF USA farms are the best place to start, offering volunteers the chance to learn and grow while working with cutting edge farming techniques and enjoying rich cultural and educational exchange opportunities with experienced organic farmers.

USA Farms

From the wild adventures of Alaska to the sanctuaries and farms located in the remote wilderness of Arizona and the intensively productive urban and rural farms located in the state of Wisconsin, the many available options make choosing a WOOF USA host a somewhat difficult task.

US farms strive for perfection when it comes to diversity and sustainability, and whether you are looking for internship at a vegetable garden or to expand your training with fruit trees, heirloom herb gardens, forest maintenance or permaculture related activities, becoming a WOOF volunteer here can be a much better opportunity for learning than in any other country.

For more information on the details, benefits and overall potential behind the idea of working as a WOOFer at a reputable organic farm, visit this page.

Guidelines and Advice on Becoming a WOOFer

Despite the many available options, volunteering and finding a good host is not as difficult as it seems. What you first need to do is visit the official website for the WOOF USA organization that deals with new volunteers, and become a member.

Next comes the harder part. Depending on whether you are a beginner or an experienced WOOFer, you have to choose your host carefully. Some may be interested in training new “recruits”, so always look at the details before deciding if you’re right for the job.

Others look for workers who already have specific skills, so make sure you’re not shy about what you know when you submit your request. Despite the fact that most USA hosts can be demanding about the quality of the work they ask for, they are also extremely friendly, so landing the job of your dreams in a place where you can get the best accommodations and make new friends with people who are interested in the same things you enjoy will not be so hard.

Finally, don’t forget to do your research properly and explore all the options available on the WOOF USA website – the forum access, fun online discussions and comprehensive communication opportunities you get when you become a member can not only be enjoyable and interesting, but they can also teach you more about becoming a successful WWOOFer.

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