Exploring Your Travel Options: Backpacking, Couchsurfing or Becoming a WWOOFer?

Whether you are interested in backpacking, WWOOFing or in becoming a couchsurfer, there is a lot to look forward to, and, if you want to travel and have some real adventures, you will probably have a great time seeing new places and meeting all kinds of interesting people.
Unfortunately, many people don’t even know about some of the great options they have when it comes to traveling, whether they are interested just in a few trips around the country or in traveling abroad and making new friends.

So, You Like to Travel…

Many travelers along the years have expressed their desire to see the “real” pros and cons of what their destinations have to offer instead of just visiting the sites promoted by travel agencies.

Also, in many cases, a traveler decides to take up the challenge of becoming a WWOOFer in order to learn more about the beauty and resourcefulness of organic farming and seeing what it’s like to volunteer in a different country.

Regardless of your motives, traveling for the sake of the adventure has become more than just a fleeting trend, certain companies actually setting up operations in many different countries in order to facilitate the experience of those interested in WWOOFing, couchsurfing and backpacking abroad.

What Are Your Best Options?

• WWOOFing: WWOOF (short for Working Weekends on Organic Farms – among other abbreviations) has been around since 1971 when people interested in organic farming first took interest in making the countryside more available to urban dwellers.
Since then, more than 50 countries have adopted WWOOFing as a type of volunteer work, special organizations often assisting people willing to travel from other countries in order to experience a more natural lifestyle, while learning and living around organic farms.
If you’re interested in more than just living it up in a luxury hotel and are genuinely intrigued by the idea of learning how to become a real WWOOFer, growing organic food and living (for free!) with friendly hosts who know how to work and have fun at the same time, this is probably the best activity for you. If this feels like the right thing to do, check out our page on the details of how to take up WWOOFing.
• Backpacking: the concept of traveling with a pack on your back has been around for a long time, but modern backpacking is generally associated with a type of freedom-loving, “hippie” lifestyle that was all the rage in the 1960s and 70s.
Many backpacker companies these days offer products, advice and services for backpacking enthusiasts, basically helping people travel around from one place to another and allowing them to get more of a sense of authenticity from their travels by observing the unseen part of a country’s culture.

According to most backpackers, this is a truly fulfilling, educational and affordable way to travel (especially since the internet makes it so much easier), often filled with opportunities and adventures for those who like this type of lifestyle.
• Couchsurfing: this type of traveling continues to grow into a favorite among those who are not only interested in the destination, but the people they meet and the connections they make, as well.
Today, becoming a couchsurfer is extremely simple because of the easy way to make friends and keep in touch online. Special organizations even have websites that provide you with the opportunity to meet new people who are interested in this lifestyle, as well. Basically you just travel from one place to another staying at a friend’s place, staying only a few days before you move on.
When you’re couchsurfing in another country, this can be a great way of having fun while you also get the opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition from someone who has lived there all their life.

It All Comes Down to What You Really Want

The choice between becoming a WWOOFer or a backpacking and couchsurfing enthusiast largely depends on what your interests are, but also on what you ultimately want to achieve.
For instance, WWOOFing can not only provide you with the opportunity of a cheap journey to a different country – if you are thinking of starting your own business, there’s a lot of practical knowledge you can gain from this type of endeavor. See our page on the advantages of engaging in volunteer work for more insight on the matter.
On the other hand, if you are more interested in backpacking or becoming a couchsurfer, the options are far more extensive, mainly because you don’t need a membership for that. However, finding a reliable source where you can find trustworthy people abroad or learn about what to look out for on a backpacking/couchsurfing trip is essential.
Whether you’re a backpacker or you’re more interested in WWOOFing or couchsurfing, a few things always remain the same: learning exciting new things, exploring nature, meeting new friendly faces and, of course, having a lot of genuine fun.


  1. i’m interested in wwoofing in sanfrancisco ca.im a mature gardener and a newly retired nurse.ilove travel.

  2. I am interested in placements in Ireland, and keen to learn about organic principles and foraging also. I have WWoofing experience in other countries and found it very rewarding.

  3. I want to join wwoof, i love to be explore new places, n i love travelling. But m new to this, i dont have any experience in farming n i must admit that i am not that knowledgeable in the field farming as well.however , m looking forward to be the part of woofer. Can anyone suggest me regarding this

  4. LOuise, I am interested learning more about wwoofing, do you mind sharing your experiences with me? I also would love to wwoof in Ireland.

  5. Hello, thank you for your interest in woofing.info.Do not worry, the WWOOF adventure is open to anyone who is willing to discover a new culture and way of living and is not afraid to travel.First of all you might want to choose in which country you would like to become a wwoofer. You can check this page, which will give you a first approach to wwoofing in different countries (please note that this list does not refer ALL the countries offering wwoofing. To find more countries please use this website -bottom of the page-). Then you can read more about details an requirments of wwoofing here.

  6. my fiancé and I are very interested in doing something like this, but we want to be in a place for a long time before moving on. is there a group that does very long term WWOOFing or helping?we want to completely move, with no more roots, and see the world this way.thank you for your help.

  7. Thank your interest in woofing.info.Long-term wwoofing is possible, but it depends on the host only. You might want to check different countries and find the one that suit you most before looking for long-term woofing possibilities.PLease read this article for more information (not very clear because of the background and the font color, you might want to copy/paste it before reading).

  8. Hello! My name is Anthony Manalo, a strong young 24 year old man. I’m interested in experiencing different cultures and helping other people succeed! I’m interested in volunteering in either Australia or Germany. Can you help me please?

  9. I am looking to go woofing in asia or sud america in the next couple of weeks. How long does the process take to become a volunteer?

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