5 Important Benefits of Canadian WOOFing – Canada Experiences and Volunteer Jobs

For those used to volunteer work and WOOFing, Canada can be both an excellent challenge and a relaxing getaway at the same time. There are many great advantages that past WOOFers like to talk about when it comes to working on Canadian farms, and, even if you’re not an experienced WOOFer, you can still benefit from the healthy, sustainable lifestyle and the hospitality of your Canadian hosts while helping out around the farm.

Low Cost Membership and Global Acceptance

wwoofing canadian

wwoofing canadian

The great thing about WOOFing in Canada is that WWOOF Canada, the official organization responsible for dealing with volunteers’ requests to work on Canadian farms, accepts members from all across the world.
The only difference is that the membership costs only $40 if you pay through regular post or PayPal and $50 from overseas. This is a very small fee when you think about all the advantages you can gain from WOOFing, Canada being one of the few countries that truly takes ecological and sustainable farming seriously.
See this page if you want to know more about applying for a WOOFing membership and working abroad or in your own country on organic farms.

Enjoyable Activities and Volunteer Tasks

There are many unique tasks and activities you can learn from when applying for a WOOFing volunteer job in Canada. When you get your list of hosts, you will find that when it comes to WOOFing, Canada can provide you with more than 1,000 organic farms to choose from and many friendly hosts who can help you train and grow as a WOOFer with the many both challenging and enjoyable tasks they will present you with.

In Canada, volunteers regularly work about 6 hours every day either picking grapes in wineries, milking goats and sheep, shucking oysters, working in a vegetable garden or dealing with additional tasks around the farm, such as digging wells or helping with cooking and repair work.

An Opportunity to Explore the Rich Canadian Landscape

When it comes to WOOFing, Canada has some of the most beautiful and relaxing sceneries you can enjoy. Whether you’re interested in hiking trips or you just like to sit under a tree enjoying a good book in your spare time, the clean countryside air and the remarkable scenery will completely rejuvenate and inspire you.
Most of the farms are located around Vancouver Island, where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains while still being close to the ocean. The resplendent, natural sceneries you can explore will likely have much to offer you, then, no matter what you enjoy the most.

No Work Permit

Most of the people who decide to take up a regular job in Canada need work permits in order to be legally employed. This is not the case when it comes to WOOFing, Canada officials considering this type of activity as being a legal type of volunteering work. As long as you’re at least 16 years of age and an official member of WOOF Canada, you can easily become a WOOFer just by presenting your membership card at your host’s house.

Healthy Living and Friendly Interactions

Not only is Canada a country where healthy and sustainable living is actively promoted by many members of the community, but people are also much friendlier here than anywhere else, and the atmosphere itself is less stressful even when you visit a big city like Vancouver.
You will find that the hosts are uncommonly hospitable and can provide you with a guestroom or even your own cabin as accommodation, and aside from all the advantages that come with WOOFing, Canada will also accept you with open arms as one of the locals, so you can feel right at home living with your host for months.


  1. i like organic farming work.i had been doing this my pre -collage days until the gae of 18 in my family farm. i am now 64 and fit and consider volunteering for helping canadian hosts and would like to explore canada and return.please let me know what kind of visa i should apply for and for how long ?. awaiting your kind reply, best regards

  2. I live on Quadra Island in beautiful Britsh Columbia , I’m o ten acres with huge garden and the oldest farmstead North of Nanaimo .b.c I would like to become a Woofer Host ! more information please

  3. I’m a 66 year old lady, now retired, and I shoud like to spend a couple of months working for an orgánica farm. At The same time, I may have the opportunity of i prove my french.

  4. Hi! Dunno if this is the right place to advertise – but I am a middle-aged woman who has been a previous wwoof host, and also a wwoofer. Now, I want to get out there and get experience in looking after bison/ or goats on a large scale. Well, lets be honest: just love the whole experience of sharing the care of animals, and living close to nature! Don’t mind farm-sitting, (depending on the arrangement), or helping out long-term- especially B.C., Vancouver Island, North, where I’ve worked before, or Alberta. I’m reasonably fit, not afraid of most animals, and a great cook(if I say so myself!). I also love kids (mum – daughter now grown), and willing to do some baby-sitting(within reason). Anyone out there? WWOOF people: I will be joining up, soon as my plans are made! MagiRaven

  5. Dear sir/ madam, I am an indian 47 years old and wish to go to canada as a woofer. Is it easy to get the visa for indians to woof in canada ? or is it very tough getting the visa? Kindly suggest. Thanks. my no +918827327636

  6. Hii,I’m young from morocco and i want to spend my summer in volunteer and Woofing experience in the Sweden

  7. Hello Beverly,I’m interested to wood for a month of so.Could you please tell me more about what kind of help you are needing?Origally Tibetan grew up in Nepal I a m 38 female currently living in Edmonton.Thank you,Doma

  8. Hi Beverly,I’m a young, fit and curious South African, two years ago I was visiting the islands and fell in love with the environment. I would love to join you on your farm! What is the next step?

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