Finding the Greatest Opportunities for WOOFing – Italy Hosts and Their Offers

For people interested in WOOFing, Italy is a real adventure, especially if you are not yet used to the custom and culture that makes the country such a unique place to visit. Finding work is quite simple, as the membership is not too expensive, and if you are from Europe, getting a visa shouldn’t be a problem. Also, once you start talking with the hosts, you will find that they can be extremely friendly and polite.

The Experience of WOOFing: Italy and its Farms

wwoofing italia

wwoofing italia

The Italian WWOOFing experience appeals especially to young workers who are eager to gain more experience working on organic farms and who are able to rise up to the challenge of volunteering to work in a country where people are used to hands-on activities and being extremely energetic.

Work starts early on Italian farms, as you generally have to be up by 8 and out on the field by 9. Most WWOOFing hosts need new workers to help with chores like mustering, collecting eggs, caring for animals, pruning, weeding, clearing scrub and building barns. In exchange, they offer free meals and lodging, and they agree to impart their organic farming knowledge with all volunteers.

The best thing about WOOFing in Italy is that, no matter which host you choose, you can find numerous farms with friendly, hospitable individuals or families who are always interested in hiring a few more hands. Also, whether you want to be in a more secluded place or you need to be in touch with civilization, there are numerous options to choose from. Many don’t know, but you can even go
WWOOFing in the romantic Venice, sample photos from Venice Carnival !

Working in Italian Wineries

If you’ve ever thought about working in a winery, you should know that the WWOOF International host list can provide many interesting and delightful options for WOOFing, Italy – and especially the province of Tuscany – being known for housing wineries in some of the most beautiful places.

The work can be somewhat hard, especially when you have to harvest grapes all day, but it is also extremely fulfilling. The enchanting view of the Tuscan landscapes, the sweet taste of the grapes and the soothing warmth of the sunlight as it streams through the green leaves all combine to create a unique and memorable experience.

Also, when it comes to winery work and WOOFing, Italy takes exceptional measures to make volunteers feel as comfortable as possible during their stays. Some of the wineries are more than 100 years old, yet very well taken care of, and the vibrant experience of enjoying the delicious Italian meals and tasting the wine you help make is quite incredible.

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”160″ identifier=”B01AMWVUKO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”woofing-20″ width=”106″]There is much more that remains to be said about the wine making secrets you can learn and about the friendly hospitality that Italian hosts will offer you, but the best idea is to volunteer and get some hands on experience yourself. If you want to know all the details about applying for a membership at WOOF Italy and learning about being a volunteer, visit this link.
You will find that when you start out with WOOFing, Italy can become like a second home to you, and the training and experience you may be able to gain here will be completely invaluable.


  1. Have been wanting to work on a farm in Italy for ever have been looking for a opportunity as I arrive in Europe in September and am looking to work in October

  2. Interested in wwoofing in Italy….I am also a painter so I want a place where I can spend time painting and I want a free room and food and a studio to paint.

  3. hello, im interested in Woofing in Italy in 2016 at a vinyard or farm. Can you please email me some more information and what options are out there.Thanks

  4. Hi,Thank you for the informative articles. I am looking to volunteer sometime after July 2017 as a WWOOFer in Italy at a winery in order to learn everything I can about wine making. From planting the vines to fermenting and producing the wine. I am looking to stay for about 3 months, possibly longer, but I am having trouble finding and contacting hosts from the large list that WWOOFing Italia offers. Would you be able to recommend any farms in-particular? Please feel free to reach out to me at your earliest convenience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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