The Best Place for WOOFing – Ireland Opportunities for Sustainable and Healthy Living

Ireland is a beautiful country where organic farming has flourished over the past few years, so it is no surprise that so many people consider that when it comes to WOOFing, Ireland has a lot to offer.

Ireland WWOOF hosts have an uncommon respect for the environment and follow organic principles and standards to the letter. Both individual hosts and families practicing organic farming here have simple but enjoyable lifestyles and can offer volunteers the chance to learn about a variety of practices such as bio-dynamic methods or permaculture.

The Type of WOOFing Ireland Has to Offer

The four Irish provinces of Ulster, Connacht, Leinster and Munster are home to many friendly hosts who own organic farms stretching across dozens of acres, and where you can explore a variety of interesting as well as challenging activities.

For the typical WWOOFer, general landscaping and gardening tasks are common when it comes to most Irish hosts, and a flexible approach if often times required. In the summer, the variety of the work is quite extensive, so regardless of the type of work you are used to, there are many things that require a helping hand.

For animal lovers and hikers, the type of WOOFing Ireland can provide will be very fulfilling. You can milk goats and highland cattle in the summer, practice bird watching and deer watching, while also enjoying the company of delightful dogs, cats, donkeys and even ducks and bees.

Also, the beauty of the mountains, lakes and rivers is absolutely inspiring. Hikers, cyclists and even writers can go to places like Connacht to enjoy the natural wonders and the secrets that the land has to offer. This location is wonderful both for traveling and WWOOFing, Ireland often being seen as a kind of magical place that can completely change your outlook on life.

Work, Training and Cultural Exchange

When it comes to the type of work you do while WOOFing, Ireland hosts often have a variety of tasks in mind that stretch beyond organic farming: you can help with cooking, structural light work and even construction working.

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This can be a great opportunity for you to learn more about the families you are working for, and exchange your knowledge about various tasks largely unrelated to organic farming, while learning from the experience of farmers who apply the latest permaculture practices and often grow more than 20 different types of crops.

You are sure to get the best accommodation here, and the food you eat will likely be the healthiest and tastiest you’ve ever eaten, as Irish organic farmers have very strong opinions about promoting a completely healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Some of them can offer you beautiful cabins, and even provide swimming pools and bicycles for you to use.
See this link if you want to know more about WOOFing and the benefits you can gain from the volunteer work you can do on organic farms. Even if you don’t have much experience in terms of WOOFing, Ireland hosts always appreciate a hard working, upbeat person who is eager to learn about organic farming techniques and who does not hesitate when facing a challenge; apply for a WWOOF Ireland membership today, and you will definitely not regret it.



  1. Hello, I would like going to Ireland and woofing is a good experience. I am 20 , student and i am free one month,august 2013.Is-it possible to have a hosts’s list available ?Thank you.Kind regards.louis

  2. Hello,I would like to know if there are hosts who would need woofers in their farm next summer?Please, join me as soon as possible , because me and my friend Amelie would be interesting,Thank you in advanceSonia

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