Unique Conditions for WOOFing – Spain and Your Opportunity for a Delightful Working Holiday

If you want to gather experience in hands-on WOOFing, Spain is probably one of the most interesting places where you can start out. The volunteer work available is quite fulfilling and healthy, and the people and places you will find will make you feel completely at home – just with a far better view of the landscape.

Unique Opportunities for WWOOFers in Spain

wwoof spain

wwoofing spain

In terms of both short term and long term WOOFing, Spain hosts can provide you with some of the best arrangements. If you have a free month, you will definitely find the experience of working on a Spanish organic farm to be healthy, relaxing and extremely educational.

Activities can range between daily tasks that change with the seasons. You can do a lot of garden work from spring to autumn, harvest in the late summer and early winter and work on fruit tree care tasks from winter to spring. You will also have the opportunity to learn a lot about the theory of sustainable farming.

Simple day to day chores are also required at times. These can involve cooking, gathering firewood and various other domestic activities. You will also find that the superb, natural views, friendly hosts, simple lifestyle and comfortable accommodation will make your stay even more pleasant and fun.

In Spain you can discover for example the culture of Andalusia by exploring sites like Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Ronda. You’ll also be able to experience festivals such as Easter Week, the Carnival in Cadiz, the Rocío pilgrimage in Huelva and the April Fair in Seville, here you can see photos of Andalusia.

The Requirements for Joining

There are only a few basic requirements for becoming a member of WWOOF Espana:

  1. First of all, you have to be over the age of 18.
  2. A small fee of 20 euros is needed for gaining access to the host list.
  3. Your residency/visa papers also have to be valid during the time you want to be a WWOOFer.
  4. Finally, you have to fill in a membership form, and you’re all set.

For more information about the general requirements necessary for becoming a WWOOFer, see this page. You will find that the entire process is quite easy, even if you are a beginner in WOOFing, Spain being one of the friendliest, most beautiful places for new volunteers to start their adventures.

Best books about Spain

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  1. Im interested in woofing in the winter months in spain, i have to bring my friendly dog along would this be possible with permission? Thanks dave

  2. HelloQuick question, is it possible to do even shorter term, i.e. a week? I work full time and can only take up to 10 days off, would really love to wwoof in Spain.Regards

  3. How do I go about getting my visa papers? Would it be a work visa? What’s the maximum about of time I could stay Spain? How long is the process, typically, to get all the necessary paperwork done before you can leave to go WWOOFING? – Thank you!

  4. Hello, than you for your interest in woofing.info.All the information you need about wwoofing in Spain are on this page. As for the required papers, it all depends in which country you currently live in. You do not need a work permit for any EEA country, if you live inside the EEA.

  5. hola me podrian decir cuales son las metas de estar alli y se debe pagar 20 euros diarios por cuanto tiempo? Estoy interesada y que tipo de gente llega alli, donde es el lugar?GraciasIvonne

  6. Hola, me llamo Graciela.estoy in China y trabajo aqui. pero me gusta trabajar en espana en aglun dia. creo que es un divertido experiencia. tengo unos probremas. Donde esta en espana?Muchas Gracias!Graciela

  7. I am looking for work on an organic farm in Galicia Ponterverda. I do not need to live in as I have a house on the Aldan estuary. Are there opportunities to do this?

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