WWOOF France and the Benefits of Volunteering at an Organic Farm

Wwoof France

Whether you are European or not, if you are looking for volunteer work, WWOOF France can be a great choice for you. Organic farming is extremely advanced here, and the work required is fully compensated by the great conditions you will find on French farms and the opportunities you gain for learning about the latest eco-friendly farming methods and practices and receiving some practical work experience.


WWOOFing Opportunities in the Beautiful France
Of course, not all are cut out to do volunteer work outdoors. Such jobs can be quite demanding, and you will often have to finish the work according to certain deadlines. However, for young workers who want to spend their summer doing something engaging and educational while enjoying the beauty of a country such as France, all the difficulties that may be involved are completely worthwhile.

After getting your WWOOF France membership, you will find that working for French hosts can have an incredible hold on you, and it can be easy to lose yourself in the passion of the work and the vibrant serenity of the landscapes that surround you. Many WWOOFers started out with agreements for volunteering only for one month, and ended up staying much longer.

Common WOOFing Tasks

WWOOF France, the organization that deals with requests and offers related to French organic farming, provides far more than the simple opportunity for a cheap stay in the countryside.
The incredible feeling that you are making a difference and improving the environment and the thought of being able to learn some valuable skills from organic farmers who know what they are doing are mixed with the experience of a rich cultural exchange and of meeting new friends.

Also, the tasks associated with the volunteering activities you will find through WWOOF France are not too demanding. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Feeding the chickens and collecting eggs;
  • Feeding and walking the dogs and caring for other animals, such as cats and donkeys;
  • Gardening work: this includes common tasks such as planting, weeding, watering and harvesting, and the work can also be expanded to setting up irrigation systems, creating rotational plot designs and building greenhouses (depending on how fast you learn).
  • Fruit field tasks – weeding, trimming and harvesting the fruit.
  • Various other activities such as cooking and baking or having to help sell organic products on Market Day.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”160″ identifier=”1631214470″ locale=”US” src=”http://woofing.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/51mJiD52BdpL.SL160.jpg” tag=”woofing-20″ width=”90″]As you can see, there is no joke about the workload required, and some hosts urgently need more workers, so you will probably have your hands full.
The possibility of learning new things and being able to gain expertise in performing more difficult tasks is open to everyone, and, if you are looking for the best place for long term WWOOFing and learning all there is to know about organic farming, WWOOF France can offer you all the best opportunities for it.

Membership Details

wwoofing in france To gain access to French hosts and contact them to find volunteering work, you will first have to become a member of the WWOOF France organization. This is not a difficult task, however, as all you will need is a visa, the means to get to France and a small fee of 50 to 60 euros to pay for the booklet that contains the list and instructions and for electronic access.
To find out more about what you need in order to go on this path, follow this link to our comprehensive article on how to become a WWOOFer and you can learn about all the major details and requirements.

Accommodation and Convenience

Even if you are not an experienced WOOFer, France is a place of opportunity for everyone. Apart from the opportunity to learn more quickly than anywhere else about sustainability and ecological living, you also get the comfort and convenience of great accommodation.
Although travel costs can vary depending on where you have to travel from, you have the security of knowing that once you get to France, you will be greeted with open arms by your host, and as long as you work a few hours every day, you don’t have to worry about food either. WWOOF France guarantees that the hosts are trustworthy and willing to help you with your WWOOFer training, while offering you everything you may require during your stay.


  1. I’m interested in volunteering in France would love more information and the steps to becoming a member. Thanks, Ruth

  2. I am enquiring on behalf of my daughter who is 19.She is looking for paid work in SW France near Toulouse. She has intermediate French. She is a fast learner, extremely hard working and intelligent. She is willing to work had but needs money to live in France and perfect her French.

  3. Hello, thank you for your interest in woofing.info. First of all I would like to remind you that wwoofing is NOT paid (you do not pay for anything but you do not get paid either as the host wwoofer gives you free accomodation, for example). You might want to see here for more information on getting a paid job in France.

  4. Hello, thank you for your interest in wooking.info.To become a wwoofer in France please refer to this page. It lists all the different aspects of wwoofing in France as well as the membership details (you will need to register at the WWOOF France organization).

  5. Hello. I’m currently looking for host in France next summer. We intend to travel with our 2 children (11 & 12) and was wondering if we’re in the right lines here? We would all like to pitch in somewhere!

  6. I’m interested in doing this! But, is it possible to do it with only beginners French? Do any of the farmers speak English?

  7. Hello, I’m very interested in woofing for France, I’d like to know if I can woof with another person and also if I can somehow get a side job to pay for a ticket back home if it’s possible.. I Live in the U.S. Thanks, Taylor

  8. I am looking for a couple to work in my French Garden in SW France I1/2 hours east of Toulouse. Period March/ April 2015 at least two weeks

  9. We could be interested. Myself and my partner. Do you have a private email address?? We only speak very basic French, we are from New Zealand. Thanking you for your reply

  10. Hey Taylor. My name is Taylor as well and I’m also from the U.S. I’m very interested in WOOFing in France this summer and thought it would be nice not to go alone. If you’re interested, we should see about going together!

  11. Hi Laurence, are you still looking for someone? We are two students from Germany, speaking French and English and are willing to do some WWOOFing in March/ April. Please contact me!

  12. Hi Taylor, I am also looking to WOOF in France. I’m from Australia but living in working in London. I don’t want to go alone either. Anna

  13. Hi I’m interested in volunteering in France and was wondering if I would learn much French? I’m currently studying French at university and would love to improve it over the summer.

  14. Hey, there!I’m Vivi, a Spanish girl willing to find some Woofing in France to learn French and get to explore around in order to find a job later.I’m moving up there about the second week of June and I would like to stay at the SouthEast part of France.I’m hardworking and I already speak a little bit of French.Whoever can give me a hand, I would be really, really thankful.See you soon and have a beautiful day!Love,Vivi.

  15. Laurence. Hi I am Loren. My husband and I are WWOOfers. We worked at a farm in Italy summer 2014 for 6 weeks. We are currently in Agde looking for someplace to work in June for three weeks. Are you still looking for work? Contact me.

  16. Hi Orion. My husband and I were registered to WWOOF with a farm outside of Alles for the month of June 2015. However, the farm just canceled on us (host became very ill). We need a farm host. We are in Agde. Do you know any farms looking to take a couple for any time in June. Merci!

  17. Dear Orion,I will be free from 12 June for 3 weeks and wander if I can come do woofing in the south of France?And can you tell me how to travel to the location from London?And what should I bring?Your help will be appreciated.Hayley

  18. Hello. I am British and I am couch surfing in Luxembourg with a wonderful host. I am 41 years old strong and fit and I work like a beast. I am travelling get with my 2 bichon dogs. I would love the opportunity to wwoof but is there any help needed where I can also bring my furry little friends xx

  19. I am a artist….a painter and I am interested in finding a place in France that caters to artist. A place that offers free room and food and a studio space where I can paint.

  20. Are there WOOFing opportunities anytime between January and May usually? I see many for summer months, but not for winter.Thanks, Tammy

  21. Hi Barbara-did you find out if there is a age limit to woofing in France. ? I do not speak any French so do you know if that is required ?

  22. I have walked the Camino de Santiago from Le Puy to Santiago, and now would love to walk in France with a donkey. I am hoping to find a farm with donkeys where I can volunteer as a wwoofer for a few weeks to learn about the behavior and needs of donkeys. Hopefully then I could rent one of the donkeys and walk for a few weeks in France, hopefully along the GR65 or some of the variants. If all this sounds too specific, I am open to other suggestions, but does anyone know of any arrangement like this?

  23. hello, im swedish. i am very intrested to work on your garden. I love animals and taking care of garden things. Can i come and work in augusti? have a good day! /Alice

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