WWOOF NZ – New Zeeland, the Best Place to Go for a Unique Work &Living Experience

Interested in enrolling in a WWOOF NZ (New Zeeland) program? In that case, you’ve landed on the right spot, because here we are going to explain to you the advantages of such an experience.
For those less accustomed to the term, WWOOFING stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms and it represents a host system where you make an exchange of hours of work (cleaning, gardening, farming) for food and accommodation. Rest assured, because it is a safe program, well established globally that gives you the opportunity to travel, meet interesting people, learn a new language, have a cross cultural experience, maybe save some money and most of all, help communities. It is also a friendly, educational and safe manner to promote ecological farming.

Why New Zeeland?

When it comes to Wwoofing, New Zeeland offers the best programs and places to visit and engage in a working community. The country has a reliable background in Wwoofing – it all started back in 1974 with 6 organic farms. Since then, organic travel and work has become a phenomenon and the number of hosts has increased significantly every year. Today, New Zeeland lists hundreds of hosts willing to accommodate people looking for an alternative holiday.
WWOOF NZ provides beautiful and exciting places to start your experience in organic living: large farms or family gardens, organic orchards or vineyards or urban organics. Enrolling in a WWOOF NZ program will also bring you the opportunity to become part of an intercultural exchange program where tolerance and care for nature are highly promoted.

What will I do?

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”1786570246″ locale=”US” src=”http://woofing.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/41eIk6oFDSL.SL160.jpg” tag=”woofing-20″ width=”101″]A WWOOF NZ program means that you will experience the simple rural life along with other wwoofers from places all over the world. You will live with families and experience organic agriculture such as: wine, cheese, bread making, companion planting, worm farming, composting, and cooking. You will be given tasks each day, but you will only have to work 5 or 6 hours a day. In return for your work, you will be given meals and accommodation. This “transaction” has more a symbolic value than a rational one, as it simplifies the idea of commerce, by reducing it to simple factors: work deserves pay.

Where will I stay?

The beauty of a WWOOF NZ program is that of creating bonds with the local people and sharing their lifestyle. Thus, Wwoofers are accommodated at hosts, local organic farmers that gladly open their homes for friendly strangers.

These hosts have organic farms and they enjoy passing their knowledge on organic practice onto people who are interested in learning more about an eco-friendly way of living. All hosts have already gathered valuable experience in dealing with new Wwoofers and know how to make your stay pleasant. Also, some programs offer cultural exchange hosts – these are locals that offer more than just bed & meals. They offer a variety of activities surrounding sustainable tourism: building projects, conservation, crafts or animal care.

How long can I stay?

Every program is different and every host is different. Some Wwoofing programs offer short term experiences of a minimum 5 days, others last up to several weeks. It all depends on what type of farm you are going to work for. One day or 2 das experiences on the farm are usually not accepted by hosts, as it takes a bit longer to understand the routine of an organic farm. Also, keep in mind that you will have to face a trial period of 1-2 days when your skills are evaluated.
Now we are sure we have awaken your interest for a Wwoofing experience in the beautiful landscape of New Zeeland. Therefore, if you want to find out more about Wwoofing and how to become a Wwoofer, see here. Wait no more and apply now for a WWOOF NZ program that will change your life!


  1. Hi. I am a mature aged women fit and healthy looking for a life change.I live in Australia. I would enjoy hearing from you and what you to offer. Regards Pamela

  2. Thank you for your interest in woofing.info.First of all you might want to choose in which country you would like to become a wwoofer. You can check this page, which will give you a first approach to wwoofing in different countries (please note that this list does not refer ALL the countries offering wwoofing. To find more countries please use this website -bottom of the page-). Then you can read more about details an requirments of wwoofing here.

  3. Hello my name is Tabea I come from Germany. I am 21 years old and travel together for 7 months with my friend. From the 5.4.17 I am here for 2 weeks alone in New Zealand and I am looking for a place to stay and a new adventure for 2 weeks. I like to live and work on a farm. My uncle, aunt, grandma and grandpa have a farm with cows and horses. I’ve been riding for five years. I worked two times as an Au pair in Australia I happy to get a feedback. 🙂 Best regards Tabea

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